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Hagenbucher / Heilbronn, Germany
Iron bar, Natural stone, Stainless steel wire rope、wire
h4m × w12m ×d5m (Permanent Exhibition)

Another Angle

  • Photo. A. Glinin

At Art Works

  • Decide the position for setting art work  1. Oct. 2004
  • Made the working base for setting the art work  2. Oct. 2004
  • Made the working base for setting the art work  4. Oct. 2004
  • Cut iron bars with the length of 7m and diameter of 10mm into various lengths  6. Oct. 2004
  • Cut iron bars into about 100 pieces, and arranged then into 27 pieces of the same length   7. Oct. 2004 -1
  • Curved iron rods to have a radius of 4.2m,and placed them on the working base  7. Oct. 2004 -2
  • Bound the 27 iron bars on the working base into a circular bundle with wires  11. oct. 2004
  • Placed a natural stone on the iron bars, and fastened it by welding  12. Oct. 2004 -1
  • Fastened two natural stones on the iron bars  12. Oct. 2004 -2
  • Hung the iron bars and natural stones from the ceiling and wall using 13. Oct. 2004
  • Finished hanging, using 32 stainless steel wires 14. Oct. 2004 -1
  • Took out the working base, and made fine adjustments for balance 14. Oct. 2004 -2
  • Opening party 15. Oct. 2004



  • Mechthild Bauer-Babel

Ushio Sakusabe “Flaoating the Waved Line”


Mechthild Bauer-Babel
Responsible for conception and organisation of


The room for NEUE KUNST IM HAGENBUCHER ( in Heilbronn/Germany) appears oppressive and monumental, the ground plan is in the shape of a trapezium and has an area of almost 600 square metres with 22 pillars and 22 windows.
It was in this room in the autumn of 2004 carried out his work for the project “Das Lagerhaus”(The warehouse)
Using an increasingly long and complicated wooden construction as the framework, a beam made on iron rods was then suspended on it, bearing stones. Stones from the river bed of the Neckar which flows nearby, in their natural state as part of the surrounding landscape.
The construction, at first with its full weight on the ground, is then gradually lifted until it appears to be floating although it is actually attached with extremely thin and almost invisible steel wires between the pillars.
What now remains visible is a free floating line of steel loaded with stones in the room, both heavy and light at the same time.
An amazing balance which gives the whole room a feeling of lightness despite the tension. The centre of gravity is altered, the focal point shifted and the new position is then redefined.
A different level is established, the familiar points of reference fade away and this leads to an opening up of the whole room.
It is like the snapshot of a leap, of a free movement which should descend to the ground but does not so. In the tension thus created, there exists a disturbing element, in the power of the arrested movement there is almost something menacing.
A deception, an irritating experience and a consolation. It appears that there is a new law of force and weightlessness in the room.
Is it a dream of flying, the illusion, the idea? Is flying possible after all despite all that ties it down?


Heilbronn in March 2006

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